Novelist: Midnight Chats – Episode 50

'Stop Killing The Mandem'

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. This is episode 50 of Midnight Chats. After this we’re going to take a short break, record a bunch of new episodes and return after the summer with a better tan and a better plan. Instead of releasing a new episode every Thursday at midnight each fortnight, we’ll do it every week. Good news if you like our podcast series, there’s basically going to be more of them, more often.

So onto my guest for this 50th episode. We aim to talk to a wide range of people on Midnight Chats so it makes sense to us to follow up Johnny Marr with Novelist, the 21-year-old Lewisham rapper and producer who has recently released his debut album, ‘Novelist Guy’.

We dive into his thoughts on everything from his Christian faith to London’s violent crime problems and working with his mum (she’s his manager) and at Abbey Road. He’s also tipping himself for the Mercury Prize. A solid early bet.

Enjoy, and see you after the summer. There are 49 other episodes to keep you company until then.