Aisha Devi
Death Is Home



Aïsha Devi is a Swiss multidisciplinary artist whose online bios list her as a producer, DJ, classically-trained singer, raver, musician, rebel spiritualist and radical alchemist. Suffice to say, Devi’s creative vision cannot be limited to narrow terms. Death Is Home, the newest album produced under Devi’s own name, follows in the footsteps of 2018’s DNA Feelings in its journey to transform the relationship between spirit and body.


Crossing assumed boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds is where Devi’s interests lie, and this is the crux of each track on the album. Sonically, the music creates an energy that you can feel in your body, grounding the work in its rave roots. Songs like the lead single ‘Imortelle’ and ‘The Infinite Chemistry of the Betwixt (Tool)’ are the best examples of this journey to the border between the physical and immaterial, causing goosebumps to erupt and the blood inside you to sizzle beneath the skin. Witnessing an ability to connect to the ethereal like Devi has can be intimidating, especially to newcomers to this kind of music. Yet with this album Devi projects an open-armed welcome, inviting connection through music in a way that’s accessible and inspiring to any who dare to explore it.