Breakfast Muff

(Amour Foo)


The title of ‘Eurgh!’, the debut album from Glasgow’s intransigent DIY pop trio Breakfast Muff, is heterogeneous in meaning. Above all, it’s an acknowledgement of the disgust-tinged dissatisfaction that litters the album – sometimes rebellious, sometimes righteous, but never resigned. After that, there’s the denotation of passion; the hope for a future that doesn’t see respect given to bandwagon faux feminists and welcomes in a new wave of tolerance for a rainbow of sexual preferences.

Furthermore, however, in both title and content, ‘Eurgh!’ is in part a bugle call for a heightened awareness of issues such as consent and bullying, and in part an affable conversation between friends – Breakfast Muff and their audience – on that which they all agree. Screechy and infectious as well as gently off-kilter, this debut album is an record of stirring, if safe, revolt. While its thematic leanings are, to an extent, slightly been-there-done-that, its idiosyncratic vocal layering and angry, fuzzed guitars are noisily refreshing.