Grrrl Gang

(Trapped Animal)


“I was born in the pit / I gave birth in the pit / I don’t shave my pits / Let me swallow your spit,” howls Grrrl Gang vocalist and guitarist Angeeta Sentana on ‘Spunky!’ the punchy pop-punk single from their brutally direct and brilliantly fun second album of the same title. These striking proclamations are bountiful across the Indonesian trio’s latest release, which musically often recalls the electrifying riffs that defined a corner of ’90s culture.

The pace at which the band travels through these lightning-speed songs is dizzying, and yet, they endear you to pay close attention to every detail. From sobering lines borne from the harsh realities of growing up  (“All my friends are leaving / I’m on my own”) to the struggles of maintaining an equilibrium in one’s self-confidence as Sentana skips between wanting to be a cool girl to proclaiming “People know I’m a fucking superstar”, her personality shines brightly and it’s difficult to look away.

Even if this ’90s revivalist pop-punk style isn’t entirely for you (and perhaps it wasn’t the first time around) there’s plenty of variety across these snappy ten tracks. In this regard, the texturally alluring instrumental ‘Tower Song’ is an immediate highlight in terms of how the trio demonstrate their dexterity. Similarly, the woozy palette permeating ‘Mother’s Pray’ effortlessly envelops the listener with its immense breath and unexpected ethereal turn. It asserts Grrrl Gang as a force with great songwriting ability.

The album’s overall sound perfectly encapsulates the mood projected from its title; it’s vital and vibrant and bound to boost your mood.