Created in a month-long haul of 12 hour sessions, ‘Luneworks’ sighs every second of its nocturnal isolation. As LA slept, Jack Colleran cocooned himself from the world, committed to his laptop, and emerged with a debut of sublime dissonance. It allows his fractured, high-pitched vocals to compensate for the lack of beat-driven snap as they drift and weave behind gnarls of squall on ‘Eva’, and helps ‘Lucid’ feel less of a throwaway piano interlude, and more a contemplative break from the dramatic sonance layered into the album’s 14 tracks.

From the slow saturation of opener ‘You’ to the creeping euphoria of the outstanding, MBV-esque ‘Deu’, it’s all unapologetically elegiac, and Colleran’s catharsis is largely as inspired as it is indulgent. Yet, even with the standout numbers, it’s the subtle momentum driving ‘Luneworks’ that make it so immersive. As the static of ‘Para Polaris’ begins to fade out, ‘Verbena’ is already starting to bloom; as the last chord of ‘Lucid’ hangs heavy, ‘Body Studies’ starts to stir. It’s a minor detail but one of many on a debut that deserves your attention.