RP Boo

(Planet Mu)


The ever-reliable RP Boo returns to Planet Mu with a selection of disjointed rhythmic oddities, yet again showcasing the beguiling possibilities of footwork through charmingly ergonomic means. A true pioneer of the movement, Boo retains the sound’s intrinsic link to the Chicago dance battle scene, a key element that has not necessarily translated as the music has exploded worldwide over the last decade or so. From the uncompromisingly shifting polyrhythms, to the jaggedly-inserted audio samples, the objective is to first test the feet, then the mind. Boo’s signature spoken ad-libs grace a majority of the track, with references to the ‘the circle’ further reinforcing the rightful home of this sound that has excited audiences globally.

From a pure listening perspective, the most affecting cuts marry the simple voice and drum machine arrangements that Boo has built his career on. Tracks such as ‘Now U Know!’ or ‘Haters Increase The Heat!’ take this stripped-back foundation and contort each sound beyond recognition; words become truncated grunts that fight against the main thrust of the drum pattern, the spoken mantras shifting from lyrics to pure sonic putty. These multiple rhythms layer like a dizzying game of Jenga, threatening to derail the whole track in the process. For tracks that are so often challenging, if not downright confrontational, there’s a joyful playfulness to the execution. These fundamental contradictions are what keep RP Boo, as well as the wider footwork community, at the forefront of electronic music.