The Invisible

(Ninja Tune)


It’s little wonder it’s taken four years for The Invisible to make a new album. The follow-up to their Mercury Prize-nominated debut, 2012’s ‘Rispah’, was completed in the aftermath of the death of Dave Okumu’s mother. A few months later a freak accident saw the frontman electrocuted on stage in Africa and the campaign was understandably halted. Both events inflicted mental and physical scars, which have taken time to heal.

Fortunately, the fittingly titled ‘Patience’ has been made in more positive circumstances. Outside of the trio, frontman Okumu is a notable producer (working with Jessie Ware and, more recently, Rosie Lowe) while bassist Tom Herbert is part of Polar Bear and drummer Leo Taylor has recorded with Adele and Grace Jones. It is, though, a unique chemistry that bubbles when the three friends reunite.

There are guests this time, too, including Anna Calvi, Rosie Lowe and Connan Mockasin, who all contribute vocals, but it’s best when it’s just the three of them – like on the addictive Prince-esque groove of lead single ‘Save Me’, the spacey synth-injected opener ‘So Well’ and the wispy, creeping LCD Soundsystem-style ballad ‘Memories’. The whole thing all comes dressed in The Invisible’s indelible foggy funk lacquer. Odd moments feel a little unnecessarily extended, but having travelled back from a dark place, you can practically hear the smiles back on their faces.

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