White Lung



If there were a word to sum up White Lung, it would probably be ‘relentless’. With a career spanning a little over a decade now, the Canadian three-piece have left a trail of hooky, emo-tinged pop-punk, but now all that’s coming to an end. Premonition is White Lung’s fifth studio album, it’s also going to be their last, as the band have announced that they’re breaking up straight after the release. Recorded before the pandemic, the record has been waylaid until now due to the birth of singer Mish Barber-Way’s two children. 

With so much going on, it’s not really all that surprising that the ten songs on this record are lyrically more mature sounding than the tracks found on 2016’s Paradise. Written over a period of personal change and sobriety, Barber-Way’s lyrics feel more vital and earnest than they’ve ever sounded before – whether it’s reflecting on the brutal nature of Los Angeles on the furious-sounding ‘Date Night’ to ‘Tomorrow’, a song that captures the mixed feelings that swirl around pregnancy. 

However, it’s ceiling-punching closer ‘Winter’, that most feels like a eulogy for White Lung. A song whose message is that even within a world of shit, a little hope and love can always find a way, it feels like the perfect exclamation mark on a career spent saying just that.