The 11 best albums released in March 2017

It's been a bountiful month

Interesting story. This month we’ve chosen more albums to go into this monthly round-up because there were five Fridays in March. That’s five Friday release days. There’s often only four in most months. That means there’s been more music released. Crazy, right? What do you mean you’ve fallen asleep? Wake up!

Alright, here you go. The next albums released in the past FIVE weeks.

Artist: Spectres
Title: Condition
Label: Sonic Cathedral
What is it? There’s melodic brilliance under the stern exterior of the Bristol band’s new album
L&Q says: “Spectres have said that they’re not interested in success. Go out and buy this and see how they deal with it.”
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Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Title: 50 Song Memoir
Label: Nonesuch
What is it? Stephin Merritt has made an album where each song is about a different year in his life
L&Q says: “Hearing Merritt put his own life into his work for pretty much the first time in his career is a thrill that has been worth the wait.”
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Artist: Kelly Lee Owens
Title: Kelly Lee Owens
Label: Smalltown Supersound
What is it? London-based producer’s debut is a subtle, nuanced techno LP from a former cancer ward nurse
L&Q says: “She creates the undulating mesmerism of a night walk by the Thames.”
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Artist: Methyl Ethel
Title: Everything Is Forgotten
Label: 4AD
What is it? Just 9 months after their first one, Methyl Ethel’s second LP sounds almost completely different
L&Q says: “There isn’t a po-faced moment to be found on ‘Everything Is Forgotten’; it is by turns fun, danceable and engaging.”
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Artist: Sleaford Mods
Title: English Tapas
Label: Rough Trade
What is it? Spiky politics, funny social commentary but better songs, Sleaford Mods’ latest LP
L&Q says: “It’s bleak, tough and funny. Like life.”
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Artist: Blanck Mass
Title: World Eater
Label: Sacred Bones
What is it? Ben from Fuck Buttons’ latest LP explores just how territorial and violent we all are
L&Q says: “Blanck Mass’s music is more than noise, something other than post-rock, and drone certainly doesn’t do it justice.”
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Artist: Idles
Title: Brutalism
Label: Balley Records
What is it? The Bristol punk’s debut album has everyone in their sights – from Tories to TV chefs
L&Q says: “The rough edges and lack of nuance here are entirely the point.”
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Artist: Lydia Ainsworth
Title: Darling of the Afterglow
Label: Bella Union
What is it? Toronto-based artist Lydia Ainsworth is relentlessly imaginative on her second album
L&Q says: “Ainsworth may still be capable of everything…”
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Artist: Wire
Title: Silver/Lead
Label: Ping Flag
What is it? 15th album from the purveyors of post-punk
L&Q says: “It’s not a rare gem late in the band’s catalogue, but yet another example of their consistent evolution.”
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Artist: Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
Title: Finding Me Finding You
Label: Drag City
What is it? Laetitia Sadier’s new LP is a modern reimagination of her former band Stereolab
L&Q says: “But instead of some nostalgic Stereolab retread, ‘Find Me’ is a sort of modern reimagination.”
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Artist: The Moonlandingz
Title: Interplanetary Class Classics
Label: Transgressive
What is it? The semi-fictional band formed by Eccentronic Research Council and Fat White Family straddles the line between ridiculous and sublime
L&Q says: “Are they for real? Are they serious? Does it even matter? The answer is no.”
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