audiobooks are on the cover of Loud And Quiet 148 – order a copy now

In an act of extreme stubbornness, we've made another magazine

No one makes music like audiobooks. No one! In October they’ll return with a new album of surreal pop about awkward situations, unsavoury characters and darkening moods. Astro Tough is brilliant, and the duo of Evangeline Ling and David Wrench first talk about it in issue 148 of the magazine, which will be in stores from August 14th – order a copy here.

Also in this issue we have new artist features with a band inspired by their own club DJing (Regressive Left), a post punk group who play a… table (Modern Woman), and a hardcore pub rock band making shout-a-long songs about London’s cheap shitholes (Chubby and the Gang). There’s also experimental hip-hop artist POiSON ANNA and, ahead of their debut EP, a profile on Steam Down – the improvisational jazz/R&B/grime/soul night that’s turned into a band.

DJ and label owner Sherelle talks about here new platform for Black and LGBTQI+ electronic artists (it’s called BEAUTIFUL), Self Esteem gives us a typically candid and entertaining In Conversation interview, Hayden Thorpe let us nosey around his house for our My Place series, and Low discussed their selection of artist for The Rates.


Amy Taylor from Amyl and the Sniffers recalls her life as a 16 year old in 2012 for Sweet 16, we hear from End of the Road about how the hell they’ve managed to deliver this years festival to celebrate their 15th year, Andrew Anderson looks at the use if AI in songwriting, and Liam Konemann talks to the LGBTQI+ artists gravitating towards DIY bedroom pop.

There’s more too, but that’s quite enough for now. Order a copy here.

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