Behold the new Loud And Quiet x DRIFT monthly record club, with Angel Olsen, Kelly Lee Owens and more

An ever-changing collection of LPs with a 10% discount for our members each month

Today we launch a new record club with our friends at Totnes record store DRIFT.

It’s a simple concept, with an added perk for all our members.

The Loud And Quiet Collection can be found right here, where it will live month to month. It will always consist of 12 of our favourite albums released over the previous 30-odd days, although to get the ball rolling – and playing a little catchup – our first selection includes the best of August and September.

At the end of each month the collection will be replaced with another 12 records.

Simply use it as a guide for our new music tips while supporting a great independent record shop in these times, or, if you’re a Loud And Quiet Member, cash-in further by getting 10% off the selections every single month. You’ll make that membership fee back in no time.

Existing members have been sent this month’s magic discount code already (please drop us a line if you haven’t received it – – new members will receive the code as soon as they sign up here. Each month you’ll then receive a fresh code to apply to the fresh records.

Check out our current picks here.

Become a Loud And Quiet member here.