Best albums from October 2016

What you should be listening to when you're not getting dressed up as XI from Stranger Things

Autumn is the best season. That is a simple, unequivocal fact.

So, in-between the leaves starting to fall, people getting dressed up as XI from Stranger Things or spending their pay packet on pumpkin-spiced lattes some great music came out.

It may not have been quite the bonanza September was, but it was pretty great all the same.

Here are our favourites from October 2016:

Artist: Kate Tempest
Title: Let Them Eat Chaos
Label: Caroline
What is it? Second album from the uncompromising south London poet, author and rapper built around the stories of a seven characters all awake at 4.18am
L&Q says: “It’s not an album slagging off housing developments, it’s much more complex and interesting than that.”
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Artist: The Lemon Twigs
Title: Do Hollywood
Label: 4AD
What is it? Schizophrenic, daft but ultimately very infectious debut album from the Long Island teenagers
L&Q says: “Five listens and you’ll give in to its very nervous energy.”
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Artist: Julia Jacklin
Title: Don’t Let The Kids Win
Label: Transgressive
What is it? Australian Julia Jacklin channels her quatre life crisis into this melodic debut album
L&Q says: “There is a quite brilliant balance between nervous urgency, the realisation that something needs to happen soon, and measured perfectionism.”
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Artist: Soft Hair
Title: Soft Hair
Label: Weird World
What is it? The side project where Connan Mockasin and LA Priest paint themselves pink and sling a snake around their necks
L&Q says: “For all its disorientating touches, ‘Soft Hair’ feels surprisingly cohesive, particularly when you consider it compiles eight years’ worth of scattered sessions.”
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Artist: Weyes Blood
Title: Front Front Seat To Earth
Label: Mexican Summer
What is it? Weyes Blood’s second LP is a psychedelic, outsider folk-pop take on love and loss
L&Q says: “The lyrics are divine, and when it’s good, it’s very good indeed.”
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Artist: Powell
Title: Sport
Label: XL
What is it? Electronic producer Oscar Powell makes an exhilarating and punishingly entrance with his debut album
L&Q says: “An undeniably substantial slab of intelligent, gritty electronica that probably sounds incredible at Berghain.”
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Artist: GOAT
Title: Requiem
Label: Rocket
What is it? The secretive GOAT have concocted their most immediate brand of psych to date on third album
L&Q says: “You’re not yet done with GOAT.”
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Artist: VAR (Vanessa Anne Redd)
Title: Behind The Wall
Label: Sharp Attack
What is it? British-German musician Vanessa Anne Redd has created a brand new contemporary folk with new LP
L&Q says: “Redd’s voice is flawless when it hits the higher notes, and almost as good in a deep murmur.”
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Artist: Katie Gately
Title: Color
Label: Tri Angle
What is it? Maximised, multi-layered warped pop music from Los Angeles producer and field recordist
L&Q says: “By far and away the most accessible thing the brilliant Tri Angle have put out, this could be Madonna if it wasn’t still a bit weird.”

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