Choose Your Own Adventure – viable routes through End of The Road 2019

We could have just listed our favourite bands to see, okay

We’ve been a proud partner of End of The Road festival for the past four years and have written a lot about it. They change the lineup each time, so that helps, but this year we wanted to gear up for it slightly differently, regardless.

If you picked up last month’s issue of Loud And Quiet you’ll have already seen what we came up with. It took a longgggg time to put together. Too long, to be completely honest, although we think it turned out pretty well on page.

Does it work as well here, online? Sure. Maybe. Perhaps not. But it really did take a very long time to put together so we’re posting it.

Since we published that issue – and most probably because of it – EOTR has now sold out. So if you like you what you see here and want to come, it’s going to be tough. If you’re already going though, memorise the next three pages to make sure that thinking doesn’t get in the way of a good time once you’re there.