End Of The Road might be the most photogenic festival out there

We spent last weekend taking in the sights of End of The Road as a partner of the festival. Tim Cochrane documented it all with these photographs.

EOTR premium meeting point at the top of the Woods main stage. There was a red bus that sold tea, also.

There’s no real need for a lineup lanyard at EOTR – they post their stage times on massive boards each day.

This is a big jukebox featuring all the artists on the bill, controlled by an iPod in the play button.

A handsome man introducing a live recording of the Loud And Quiet Midnight Chats podcast.

Our podcast guest Anna Meredith at the Piano Stage.

There’s a games area at EOTR too. This guy is not going to hit one skittle.

The aim of this game is to hit strangers in the face with pingpong balls… we think.

Eggsville is one of the many installations tangled in the trees.

We hosted the Big Top on Friday.

US Girls where one of the acts who played our stage.

EOTR has a postal service where you can send notes to anyone on the site. We have no idea how the hell this works, but spent a lot of time thinking about it.

Whitney on the Garden stage.

You get the impression Whitney’s second guitarist has seen this sort of thing from his bandmates before.

This was Lionlimb’s first ever UK show, in the Tipi Tent. Go see them.

Jehnny Beth of Savages walking over the crowd like a dark, brilliant Jesus.

Savages really were the best band of the entire weekend, despite the tough competition.

The enchanting woods at a very scenic festival.

Joanna Newsom closed the festival on Sunday night. Well, just before Teenage Fanclub.

At Bat For Lashes’ Saturday night headline show a couple of her friends got engaged on stage. It was sweet, even if her album is all about a groom who dies on his way to the church.

Julia Jacklin in the Tipi was the perfect way to begin Saturday morning.

A man being eaten by a shark.

In the temple at the back of the Garden Stage there’s this rather incredible model of the whole site.

Doesn’t look too busy down on the Garden Stage, but, then, there was a lot of rain on Saturday afternoon.

Flamingods out psyched GOAT with an incredible performance on Sunday in the Big Top.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard played solidly (genuinely without any gaps) for an hour of frazzled garage rock.

We threw Bat For Lashes a wedding reception after her show only to be told that the DJ booth was in a boat on stilts.

Natasha Khan opened her DJ set with Bieber.

We ended on ‘Under Pressure’.