Finally! The last second of every AC/DC song ever recorded all in one place

Closure at last

This morning one of our great photographers, Jenna Foxton, sent me an email that said “I feel this is up your street.” I should have been offended… by how right she was.

Via a story on Lazerhorse, the link took me to this Soundcloud of these guys called Mark and Neanderpaul who’d stitched together the final second of every AC/DC song ever recorded. I don’t know for sure why they’d done this but I’ve got a pretty good idea, having now listened to ‘How Should We End This?’ – 2 minutes and 39 seconds of the band stabbing to an abrupt end, occasionally accompanied by a deflating Brian Johnson, punched in the gut.

More ardent fans of the band will no doubt tell you that this has been online for a year now, but I am not one of those.