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Doesn't a Mars Bar cost 3 quid these days?

So, here we are at the end of 2018 – it’s been good and bad, as my mate Ben replies to every question he’s asked.

The good: we redesigned and reformatted Loud And Quiet into the best shape it’s ever been in since printing our first copy on a home printer in 2005. People have liked it a lot, and new readers would double check that they can take it for free.

The bad: yes, they could take it for free. Not all bad, this, but the current version of the magazine costs us a lot more to make than the old version. We knew this going into it so can’t really complain about that. And we’ve always wanted to keep the magazine free for as long as possible. Still, all the things you hear about the advertising market driving publishers (physical and digital, and especially independent ones) out of business is, of course, depressingly true, and wholeheartedly applies to us.

As the year’s gone on, then, and as more and more advertisers tighten their wallets, we’ve been thinking about how to support the costs of what we do. The options are hardly plentiful, especially once we count out certain things that would make our magazine miserable. One though, we hope our readers agree, makes the most sense.

We are going to keep Loud And Quiet free, but to those who really enjoy what we do, we’d like to ask you to subscribe to our next 9 issues, over the next 12 months. The cheapest we can afford to do this for is £3 per month for UK subscribers, and we’ve set up a recurring payment button for that below. If you really start to hate what we do, you can cancel at any time. The same goes for European subscriptions (£6 per month) and the rest of the world (£8 per month).

For that amount you will receive:

  1. Our next 9 issues delivered to your door.
  2. Entry into our monthly vinyl giveaway draw.
  3. Our subscriber’s Spotify playlist.
  4. Invites to our live events before anyone else.

As our physical issues get picked up quicker and quicker each month in any case, we hope you consider this a good deal, and the best way to keep Loud And Quiet in your life without its content or independence suffering.

Thank you for reading. Stu (in the time it’s taken me to write this it’s been announced that Shortlist are closing their magazine)

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