We’re launching a live podcast series inspired by our award-dodging Sweet 16 column

Come and see TT (Theresa Wayman), Joe Mount (Metronomy), Joe Talbot (Idles) and Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) revisit their teenage selves

We’ve all been 16, unless you haven’t yet, in which case, you lucky bastard… mostly.

It’s a mad time that inspired our Sweet 16 column, where musicians look back at how they navigated that odd, mercurial age.

In April we’re launching a brand new live podcast series of Sweet 16, where we’ll be recording 4 episodes in front of a live audience at London’s Sound Gallery.

Tickets are FREE for each of the below evenings, where our musical guests will reminisce about what is was to be 16, via personal stories and some of the music that they were listening to back then. Each event will be recorded and released as a podcast the following month.

To get your ticket, simply click on the episodes below.

Wednesday 11 April – TT (Theresa Wayman from Warpaint) – SOLD OUT
Monday 23 April – Joseph Mount (Metronomy) – TICKETS
Friday 27 April – Joe Talbot (Idles) – TICKETS
Monday 30 April – Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) – TICKETS

Penguin Cafe performing at Erased Tapes Sound Gallery in 2017. Photo: Alex Kozobolis

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