Featuring interviews with Tame Impala, Gwenno, 50 Cent, Mbongwana Star, Alden Penner, Slime, Let’s Wrestle and The Big Moon


We’ve just sent our July/August 2015 edition to the printers. It’ll be in stores and online here at from Saturday, July 11.

This month’s we’ve got Tame Impala on the cover, who’s previous album, ‘Lonerism’, became the official Loud And Quiet Album of The Year in 2012. Kevin Parker has since headed in a bit of a different direction for follow up ‘Currents’ (out this month via Fiction Record) – David Zammitt sat down with him to hear about how the Perth-born artist still believes in the mystery of music.

50 Cent echoes Parker’s thoughts in his interview – a man we never dreamt of getting the chance to speak to, and one you probably never imagined we’d want to sit down with. Curtis Jackson remains a rapper amidst the megastar brand he’s created, though, as he explains to James F. Thompson in a lengthy chat about how launching vodka brand is all well and good, but it’s not quite the same as selling 13 million copies of your debut album. He was a much more approachable guy that Kanye, too, which is surely what rappers care most about in this world – manners.

This month, we also feature two acts who perform not in the English language – Gwenno Saunders, who gave us a tour of her hometown of Cardiff to shed light on her debut album, which is performed completely in Welsh and Cornish, and Congolese collective Mbongwana Star, who’s recent first record is progressive and brilliant and the lest retrospective African record we’ve ever come across.

There’s a special obituary edition of our Tell Me About It feature, as Let’s Wrestle singer Wesley Patrick Gonzalez blurts out his memories of 10-years in a DIY indie rock band, plus some brand new music we love from London band The Big Moon, Newcastle producer Slime and Unicorns and Clues member Alden Penner.

That should be more than enough to make you visit one of our stockists from Saturday, order a copy here, or check back on the site to read the whole thing here from Saturday. It’s free, as always, which seems to be a catching trend, these days.