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Bristol art-punk band LICE are sending for our hateful impulses and biases with debut track ‘Human Parasite’

We're all human... and humans can be nasty buggers

You might be able to guess how a new satirical art-punk band called LICE sound – spidery, scratchy and revelling in some ugly, natural truths. Kinda like PiL.

That’s true of this new group from Bristol who have just released their debut single, ‘Human Parasite’, on a new label called Big Score.

“All humans carry, through their daily lives / A compulsion to torture and destroy / Be not afeared of your impulse to despise / Your neighbour just because they have an accent you dislike.” 

You imagine as they whine their opening bars they do so taunting us by skipping back and forth across our field of vision. Why won’t they just leave us alone?!

LICE’s point – who share a hometown with other socially aware underground bands IDLES and The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – is to confront us with our own hateful impulses and biases. As such, in this one song they take on misanthropy, xenophobia and misogyny… and killing Bob Geldof.

In tone, flair and musicianship, you won’t be surprised to hear that they playing a show with HMLTD in Bristol on May 5th.

LICE tour dates:

29/04 Wedgwood Rooms, Portsmouth Psych Festival
01/05 The Louisiana, Bristol
05/05 The Louisiana, Bristol (supporting HMLTD)
08/06 The Windmill, London
28/06 The Windmill. London (supporting The Rebel)
08/07 Bristol Psych Festival
19/08 Green Man Festival

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