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Froth love Ride, so they’ve made this mixtape, and Ride have responded

Two bands, from different generations, will tour the US together in September. It sounds like they're going to get along

In September, Los Angeles foursome Froth will realise a bit of a dream of theirs. They’ll be heading out on a US tour supporting one of their favourite bands, Ride.

“We found out about Ride just from listening to a lot of the Creation Records stuff from the 90s,” they explain. “We’ve been influenced by that era of music since we started the band so the fact that we get to be label mates and tour with a band that helped shape that movement in music is a huge honour for us.”

So, in celebration, Froth have put together a playlist of their top 10 favourite Ride songs (in no particular order). Ride have got wind of this, and have responded.

“Hello Froth, I was blown away that you made a Ride mixtape… Thanks! Like the tracks you chose, it’s good to see a b side like ‘All I Can See’ in there, and it made me happy to see a couple of our new tunes in there too. I’m a big fan of your band, especially like the track ‘Passing Thing’, hopefully you’ll do that one when we play together in the States? All the best, Andy Bell.”

So, yeah, sounds like everyone is going to get along just swimmingly.

Listen to Froth’s mix below, on either Apple Music or Spotify.

Before that tour, Ride will release their new album, ‘Weather Diaries’ – their first album in 20 years – via Wichita on 16 June.

They’ll also be playing the following shows and instores around the release.

London, Rough Trade East (instore + signing) – 19 June
Oxford, Fopp (signing, 5.30pm) – 20 June
Kingston, New Slang (instore) – 22 June

They also recently shared a clip of them performing ‘Home Is A Feeling’ at this year’s BBC 6 Music Festival in Glasgow.

Back in February Froth released their most recent album ‘Outside (briefly)’. Here’s the video for their track ‘Sensitive Girl’ because why not.

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