Listening Post

Listen back to last night’s Loud And Quiet Radio show on Resonance FM

The reason the Brits had a lull in viewers between 8 and 9 last night

Once a month a couple of us host a radio show on Resonance FM – a community station based in London that broadcasts some of the most interesting and unique shows around. There are no ads, and it’s pretty much the only station that will feature spoken world one minute and avant garde French psych the next.

We use our hour each month to preview some of the new artists we’ve been listening to most in our office, and, in this month’s show, discuss the week’s pie situation.

Next month’s show will be live on air at 8pm on March 29th. Until then, here’s last night’s show.

Samantha Crain – Antiseptic Greeting
KITE BASE – Transition
Wesley Gonzalez – Exhibition Song
Timber Timbre – Sewer Blues
Phobophobes – The Never Never
Earlham Mystics – Stolen Hearts
Rays – Drop Dead
London O’Connor – Nobody Hangs Out Anymore
Kadhja Bonet – Honeycomb