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Listen to Tom Furse’s new album made completely on a micro synth

Listen to (and watch) 'Interludes' now

I still wouldn’t know what the OP-1 is if I hadn’t interviewed Olga Bell this year, who was singing the mini synthesiser’s praises in her Brooklyn apartment.

Horrors’ member Tom Furse is now doing his bit for the electronic instrument made by Teenage Engineering – he’s made an improvised album solely using the OP-1.

‘Interludes’ is out now on Kaya Kaya Records, and will received a full physical release via Furse’s own new imprint Mind Meld on November 18. It’s a record that started off as, well, interludes for Furse’s radio show on NTS, and was put together in 7 days.

Since then he’s set himself another challenge, of making visuals for the entire record again within one week, and again with kit he’s not familiar with (video synthesisers). Here’s the whole experimental project below.