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Noga Erez takes aim at inherited privilege on her latest arresting track ‘Toy’

Watch the video for the new song filmed in her native Tel Aviv

Back in the autumn of 2016, Noga Erez’s debut track ‘Dance While You Shoot’ caught a lot of peoples’ attention. Including ours.

Gemma Samways spoke to her in one of her first interviews. At that stage, Erez was giving little away about what was to come. But now, a few months on, her debut album is complete and has a title, ‘Off The Radar’, and it will be released on City Slang on 2 June.

In the video for new track ‘Toy’, Noga performs on a roof top wearing a black hood, flanked by two dancers. It’s all set against the backdrop of the cloudless blue sky of her home city of Tel Aviv.

“The lyrics while short,” she says, “are meant to show the contrast between someone who disowns his ‘crown’ vs. someone who embraces the privilege, entitlement and influence and uses it for their own personal needs. They become self-absorbed and destructive. Showing how quickly and easily power can corrupt a person.”

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