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Porridge Radio use homemade lemonade to express the desperation of our times

The first in a series of homemade videos by the Brighton band leading up to the re-release of their debut album on vinyl

It’s nice to go out for a meal, but nothing’s quite like something homemade, is it? ‘Homemade’ is kind of the watchword for Brighton band Porridge Radio. They’ve created a series of videos themselves in the run-up to the re-release on vinyl of their debut album, ‘Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers’.

This one, for ‘Lemonade’, is the first. It features the band setting up their own business (making and selling lemonade) before having a marketing buzzword meeting, realising they can call it something else and charge loads of cash. This is our organic artisan bread loving era, people.

Here’s this honest recollection from the band about how it all came together:

“‘Lemonade’ is about desperation and frustration, but also not being able to take yourself seriously. The video was shot in director Fran Gonta’s living room after an afternoon of turning the place upside down. Two members of the band didn’t turn up to the filming because they were respectively too hungover and didn’t realise where they had to be. The rest of the band pretended they didn’t mind and got on with it.”

Check it out below:

After coming out on cassette via Memorials of Distinction back in August, Porridge Radio’s album’s been remastered by John Hz and will be out on vinyl next year.

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