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Rejjie Snow’s posted a song about police brutality on Trump’s inauguration day

It's called 'Crooked Cops'

If the relationship between black communities and law enforcement wasn’t a contentious enough issue for the Obama administration to deal with it sure doesn’t feel like something the new President Trump will have high up his priority list.

It makes sense, then, to prove a point, that Rejjie Snow puts out this new track ‘Crooked Cops’ on the day America’s 45th leader flops into the Big Chair.

Rejjie’s take a unique view on the issue, having grown up in the suburbs of Dublin but also having moved to Georgia, US, as a 17-year-old to witness the overseas tensions first hand.

The animated video features coffee-slurping police in a diner with the track playing on a corner jukebox.

‘Crooked Cops’ features Tish Hyman, and boasts Rejjie’s most urgent and direct lyrics and delivery to date.

Rejjie plays a UK tour in April, including a show at The Forum in London.

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