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Show Me The Body have a new mixtape featuring a lot of good people on the way

There's also a grim new video for their track 'Trash'

At the end of last year, after touring around the world Show Me The Body went back to their native New York and played five shows in each of the five boroughs each with a different bill of artists.

While they were doing that, they had use of a studio space in Lower Manhattan.

They used the time wisely, and recorded a new mixtape, ‘Corpus I’ coming out on 24 March. It features an impressive bill of collaborators including Denzel Curry, Princess Nokia, Nolife, Moor Mother, Cities Aviv and others.

And if you’re looking for a slightly gross distraction, check out the video Show Me The Body have made for their recently shared track ‘Trash’.

Julian Cashwan Pratt from the band is taking a perfectly normal shower until…

The track list for the mixtape is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Trash
3. You Thought What You Saw Was It (feat. Eartheater)
4. Hungry (feat. Dreamcrusher)
5. In a Grave (feat. Denzel Curry, Eartheater, Moor Mother)
6. Taxi Hell (feat. Justin Flammia)
7. Just A Slither (feat. Negashi Armada)
8. Halogen (feat. Mal Devisa)
9. Stress (feat. Cities Aviv)
10. My Whole Family (feat. Skunk Rott, Chris Wilson, Pierre Botardo)
11. I’m On It (feat. Casino Theo)
12. Spit (feat. Princess Nokia)
13. Cyba Slam Fif World Dance Party (Uppa Echelon dance remix)
14. Everything Hate Here (feat. Moor Mother)
15. Two Hands (feat. Nolife)
16. Why you lying (feat. Babyglock, Tony Seltzer)
17. Proud Boys (feat. Dedekind Cut)

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