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Since the country’s gripped by cricket fever, here’s a new track from Wicketkeeper

It's called 'Feeling'

There are a lot of excuses for sports fans to get drunk at the moment. If it wasn’t the Lionesses’ run to the semi-final of the football World Cup, it’s been England’s rollercoaster route to the same stage in the cricket. C’mon, smack it out the park old boy!

Here’s a another reason for the nation to get together and hug a stranger in a public place after four too many Pimm’s – a new song from garage-rock trio Wicketkeeper. ‘Feeling’ is a total riot. Some of them are from Margate, others from London, and when they play live they keep swapping instruments like a rotating musical gameshow.

Recorded at Gun Factory in Homerton London with Lindsay Corstorphine the song also features a synth called Arturia MiniBrute, which sounds like a porn star from the ’80s. And if you detect a spooky edge, you wouldn’t be off the mark either. The track, according to Wicketkeeper, “takes an acerbic lyrical journey through a childhood hypnagogic hallucination which occurred on the evening of July 4th 1990.” So have a dance, but know there’s something slightly sinister going on.

They’ll probably play it live when they support Cloud Nothings’ at London’s Moth Club on 9 July.