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‘TRAPPED, AND MADE TO EAT CAT FOOD!’ Bristol’s LICE step inside one of those ‘real life’ magazines for their new video

Spectres, Oliver Wilde, even Big Jeff - half of Bristol's music scene make a cameo

About six weeks ago we wrote about the new track shared by Bristol band LICE – ‘Human Parasite’.

We liked it, so we sent our writer Katie Beswick and her dog to the west country to speak to the band (>>> interview).

Now they’ve roped in a bunch of their mates to make a new video for ‘Human Parasite’ directed by James Hankins. You’ll be able to spot Spectres, Oliver Wilde, Scalping, The Narwhals and, local gig-going celebrity, Big Jeff.

For it, they’re trapped inside one of their very own ‘real life’ magazines. You know the kind; the ones which have features about people whose gastric band has exploded or the person whose grandmother is actually their sister. Fine publications.