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Vondelpark’s Lewis Rainsbury is now part of enigmatic London duo Lifestyle, and this is one of their first songs

You'll able to tune into 'Calm FM' soon

Vondelpark were a trio (they might still be) from south east London whose songs were warm yet cool. The vocals were buried beneath hazy beats. Their ‘Sauna’ EP was particularly good. Lewis Rainsbury is/was the frontman – along with bandmates Bailey and Matt – but he now has a new project.

Again, it’s leaving a bit to the imagination. They’re called Lifestyle. All that exists to date is this blurry photograph and a couple of tracks.

This new one, ‘Always More’, is pretty decent. The twilight sound is reminiscent of Massive Attack or Burial, perhaps. They’ve got a mixtape coming out soon called ‘Calm FM’, which sounds nice. For now that’s all we know. Maybe calling the number on their Bandcamp would divulge more information. Oh, and you can buy the first track there for £45.