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DRIFT Records club: claim your discount on albums by Craven Faults, Arlo Parks, Mega Bog and more

Every month L&Q subscribers receive 10% off 10 new albums at our favourite record, DRIFT. Sign in to see June's collection, and to get that all-important discount code

We’ve just updated our collection at DRIFT Records with 10 new albums that you, as an L&Q subscriber, get 10% off.

Use the code M4Y10LQDFT23 at checkout to get your discount.

Visit the collection here.

In the collection this month:

James Ellis Ford – The Hum

Nathan Fake – Crystal Vision

BC Camplight – The Last Rotation Of Earth

Craven Faults – Standers

Erland Cooper – Folded Landscapes

Mega Bog – End of Everything

Arlo Parks – My Soft Machine

Baby Rose – Through and Through

LA Priest – Fase Luna

Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention