Baby Rose
Through and Through

(Secretly Canadian)



Through and Through is incredibly lush and pops with energy and swagger. The second record from Baby Rose (aka Jasmine Rose Wilson) drifts on dreamy guitar and rich vocals, luring you into a luscious sonic landscape. Built upon caramel-smooth bass sweet enough to sink your teeth into, the production is incredibly cohesive and elevates Baby Rose’s vocals. Opener ‘Go’ is hypnotic: tender and impassioned, it sets the tone for the remainder of the bountiful album. Rose weaves her comforting voice through loops and twists of love lost and love found. ‘Dance With Me’ makes its simple request and again while the reverberating low-end has you swinging your hips to the romantic rhythm. The groove on ‘I Won’t Tell’ keeps you locked in the same wonderful sway and ‘Love Bomb’ acts as the perfect song to play secretly to your crush. 

Leading the album out with heart-wrenching ballad ‘Stop The Bleeding’ and the stirring ‘Power’, Baby Rose may need to leave the baby part behind, as this record shows considerable musical maturity. Sensual and incredibly satisfying, Through and Through spreads its tendrils and embraces you with lavish love.