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Watch Mac DeMarco interview Tonstartssbandt for us

Raw materials from L&Q 149

In your new issue of Loud And Quiet (number 149), Mac DeMarco interviews his friends Tonstartssbandt on our behalf. We figured he’d be the best person for the job, being such a close friend of brothers Andy and Edwin White. (Andy is even in Mac’s live band.)

No one from L&Q was present on the call between the guys – an unusual move for us, but we wanted to give DeMarco free reign. Jess Wrigglesworth then did an excellent job of making sense of the conversation for our print piece.

Still, we’ve got this unedited recording that the guys sent over and thought why not share it with our members. The connection is patching and the chat rambling, so maybe this is a terrible idea. Do you really need to see how the sausage is made? Maybe not. But we’ve got this file and wanted to share it. If nothing else, it lets you know that we didn’t TOTALLY cop out and ask Mac DeMarco to do our jobs for us.