Lynks: Midnight Chats – Episode 134

Sometimes the stupidest ideas are the best ideas: the club pop demon on ditching earnest music for the life of a masked entertainer and new queer icon

South Londoner Lynks used to make the type of straight-faced, emotional music that all of his friends were making, until one day, for a bit of fun, he decided to adopt a masked drag persona and lean into being an entertainer. His thumping alt. pop songs since have centred around his experiences as a young queer person, with songs about sex with strangers delivered with a bluntness that is matched by Lynks’ wicked sense of humour. This is, after all, an artist that also has a song exclusively about how to make a bechamel sauce.

Speaking in April 2024 with me before his show in Cambridge, England, Lynks discusses the moment he unexpectedly unlocked his successful new act, how he approached debut album Abomination, what could be expected from his camp, prop-heavy show that night, and why it’s more satisfying to make people dance than cry with your music.

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