We asked Geordie Greep, SHERELLE, Lucy Dacus and more what they thought of 2022 for our annual customer survey

"What was my first thought when you heard the Queen had died? The lettuce won!"

Sometimes it’s nice to get some perspective on things. Here are six of our favourite artists of the last 12 months to provide it through our annual customer survey as we look back on another stupid year.

Sum up your 2022 in one word.

Geordie Greep, Black Midi: Good.

Lucy Dacus: Chaotic.

Georgia Ellery, Jockstrap/Black Country, New Road: Rollercoaster.

Sister Sniffany, Sniffany & The Nits: Okay.

SHERELLE: Boundaries.

Lynks: Actuallyreallyfuntbh.

What was your first thought when you heard the Queen had died?

Geordie: More or less, “there we go”. The same thought as when a particularly recalcitrant morsel of food lodged between your teeth gives way at last to the force of your tongue. 

Lucy: Good riddance. 

Georgia: They’ll cancel the Mercurys.

Sniffany: YouTuber Trisha Paytas was about to give birth so I needed to Photoshop a picture of the Queen in Trisha’s tummy, it was very important.

SHERELLE: I was actually checking the Arsenal score whilst taking a poo. But I guess… I didn’t think I would find out that way so that was eventful. And then I thought about my ancestors. Then the Arsenal score. And then how hungover I was from my birthday celebrations the night before. I’m really bad at bowling. Got some water… Went on Twitter and then DJed that night for the George Riley party in South. Just wanted to be with friends I guess.

Lynks: The lettuce won!

How did you celebrate England finally winning a football tournament?

Geordie: Had little to no awareness until this question reminded me. So no celebration, no. 

Lucy: Good for them! Lots of good players on the team. I got into watching football a few years ago and have my pet favourite players. I had Rashford and Lingard and Trent Alexander-Arnold on a fantasy team one year. 

Georgia: I like football but I don’t really follow it.

Sniffany: Chocolate bar.

SHERELLE: I was actually pre drinking at I. JORDAN’s house before their set at UNFOLD. One of the greatest days ever.

Lynks: Why are you asking me about football?

What made you laugh most this year?

Geordie: Official Competition – a great, great movie. Hilarious. 

Lucy: Honestly I laugh the most when I’m exhausted with my friends. When you’re super tired, everything becomes hilarious. On tour, my merch seller and photographer Ashley can get me laughing easy. 

Georgia: My friends.

Sniffany: My musician boyfriend Romeo Taylor is so funny, he gets confused between time and money often due to the amount of pennies in a pound not being the same as how many minutes are in an hour. He has proposed we start using ‘The Metric Minute’, 100 seconds in a minute, one pound earned from each minute equals 100 pounds an hour and so forth.

SHERELLE: My mental health.

Lynks: Probably the drag performer Dairy King performing at the Man Up 2022 final. He did ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis, dressed as a creepy milkman with udders. It was exceptional.

Who was the biggest letdown of 2022?

Geordie: The Fury/Joshua debacle. The Eubank Jr/Benn debacle. The lack of free time. 

Lucy: What a question. I think the fact that I can’t think of anyone is a good sign. 

Georgia: Not sure!

Sniffany: I played my first music festival this year and it turns out there isn’t like a secret living room behind the stage with four poster beds and free massages and haircuts and free presents. It turns out it’s a music festival, which I found difficult. That’s okay if you think I’m spoilt but they’re just really strange places. They had dyed loads of sheep pink and had them fenced in the middle of the festival during an intense heatwave under a tiny sheet of tent fabric tied between two trees with one bucket of water, and hundreds of people just completely bored walking past them because they weren’t like, twerking, they were just suffering and miserable in a still heap in the blistering heat, opposite a Greenpeace tent!!!

SHERELLE: Fruit flies. They took over my home and I haven’t been the same since.

Lynks: Doja Cat cancelling her Glasto set. Heartbroken.

Best TV of the year and why?

Geordie: The only show I watched start to finish was The Apprentice, and that was just awful. But I guess, by proxy, it wins. Whoopee.  

Lucy: I loved the conclusion of Killing Eve. Survivor is still going strong, obsessed with that show. Yellowjackets technically ended early this year, that show is amazing. Drag Race All Stars was thrilling. Good stuff recently. 

Georgia: Succession season three, last two episodes of Euphoria season two.

Sniffany: I’ve been watching a lot of Hoarders. I don’t think a lot of people get the same kind of soothing feeling as I do seeing truly depressed individuals on TV. It’s comparable to the feeling I get watching Isabelle Huppert films, often the hoarder is stubborn and irrational and unlikeable, which stems from humongous amounts of abuse and pain and is one of the few instances where the depth and complexity of traumatised individuals is shown on TV.

SHERELLE: World Cup surely? Or maybe when the Que–… Actually I didn’t see that on the telly.

Lynks: Probably Succession or Severance, but I reckon everyone will be saying those, so I’ll go for The Other Two. Season 2 is literally one of the funniest seasons of anything I’ve ever seen, but also had some gay story lines that actually take advantage of the mad comic potential of gay dating, which I feel like I’ve never seen before. 

What was actually not as shit as you expected in 2022?

Geordie: The quality of these questions. 

Lucy: I thought the descent into cold weather would really mess me up, but I think as the summers get hotter, the winters feel more relieving.

Georgia: The weather!

Sniffany: Okay so I tried to leave the music festival early, packed up the tent and everything and it turned out that every single bus was on strike and I was completely trapped. I sat on the dirt in the car park for a while and got back up and made my sorry way back. After that I had a really great time because I didn’t really have a choice.

SHERELLE: Arsenal. And I am living my best life.

Lynks: The summer. Silver lining of climate change eh?

But did Harry Styles actually spit on Chris Pine though?

Geordie: I’d like to think so. It fits his character as a no-class, no-talent, hack-fraud. Mr Naff. 

Lucy: Unfortunately I don’t think so but I love to believe the suggestion piqued their interest and it has since happened in a private setting. If only for a commitment to the bit. 

Georgia: Not sure what this is.

Sniffany:  Well probably but I wouldn’t want to sit next to someone I wanted to spit on. I think they’re both losers. Spitting on someone and then sitting down adjusting his jacket, exhaling scrunching his mouth looking around knowing he’s being watched and Chris Pine stopping mid clap and looking up one eyebrow raised. Both of them exhibit anti human behaviour. I think they have parasites inside them like the long worms that wriggle out of spiders once they have been bashed.

SHERELLE: I stay out of rich white men’s business.

Lynks: I literally could not care less if I tried really hard.

What did you learn this year?

Geordie: What a peninsula is. The word entoptic. That Ang Lee is from Taiwan. My favourite type of Oyster (Permaquid). Cioppino is a fish stew originating in San Francisco, California. Armani’s Aqua Di Gio is the most sold men’s fragrance of all time. 

Lucy: Exercise is actually important. Terrible news. 

Georgia: Some gaps in my geography got smaller. 

Sniffany: Sims 2 architecture tips.

SHERELLE: To be okay. And know what I want.

Lynks: The chorus of ‘The Ketchup Song’ by Las Ketchup is the same as the start of ‘Rapper’s Delight’.

What gives you hope for 2023?

Geordie: The possibility of Spence/Crawford, Fury/Usyk, Fury/Joshua, Ruiz/Wilder and Lomachenko/Haney. All fights that, at one stage or another, could’ve happened this year. None will probably happen next year either, but one can hope. 

Lucy: I have more time at home! Gonna rest up and write as much as I can. 

Georgia: Bands back on the road, New Year’s resolutions.

Sniffany: Please God please… you’ve done a good job so far… Answering these questions could mean I might be starting to be someone… Please make this art and music stuff go somewhere god, my life is in your hands now… I don’t want to make any decisions about my life anymore…

SHERELLE: The queers taking shit back, but from the top.

Lynks: Normally some kind of amphetamine.

Any other business?

Geordie: Enjoy Christmas. Go dancing. Meet the love of your life. Turn to your friend and say, “friend, you mean a lot to me”. Write the book you want to read. Sing the song you want to hear. Cook the meal you want to eat. And all the rest of it.

Lucy: No!

Georgia: Perhaps!

Sniffany: Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring. Imaginary good is boring; real good is always new, marvellous, intoxicating.

SHERELLE: Anyone fancy an album?