Mac DeMarco: Midnight Chats Podcast – Episode 25

Join us for idle chit-chat about moving to LA, feeling old and pigs

Mac DeMarco‘s moved to LA but he doesn’t know why. It just seemed like a change, and a different place to make his third album, ‘This Old Dog’.

That record is released next month on May 5th via Captured Tracks, but before then Mac was in London purely to talk about it.

He came by our office the same week the cock up with envelopes happened at the Oscars. We briefly spoke about that, but mostly spent our time discussing LA, feeling old, pet pigs, his solo shows and what music he’s listening to these days.

To end with we played a game relating to an old interview he did for Loud And Quiet, which went even more to plan than I had hoped.

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Here’s DeMarco…