Nadine Shah: Midnight Chats – Episode 33

A bit like Piers Morgan's Life Stories, but recorded in some woods in Dorset

Midnight Chats has only ever been recorded in front of an audience once before – that was at last year’s End of the Road festival, when Anna Meredith joined us on episode 12.

Because we enjoyed it so much, we recently ventured back to north Dorset with our kit again.

At the beginning of September, on a Saturday lunchtime (we coined it Midday Chats in the programme), I recorded this episode with Nadine Shah. The conversation took place on the picturesque Piano Stage located in the woods away from the main music arenas.

The conversation covered a lot – from the serious topics that informed her latest album ‘Holiday Destination (the ongoing Syrian civil war, post-Brexit racial tensions, mental health and her brother’s pertinent documentary making) to, well, some less serious stuff, like PJ Harvey’s dry cleaning habits and Jeremy Corbyn’s new curtains. I came away not only thinking ‘that was fun’, but also ‘Nadine Shah should probably start her own podcast’.

Enjoy listening – and thanks to End of the Road for hosting us.

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