Saul Williams: Midnight Chats – Episode 03

In conversation for our third late-night interview podcast is Saul Williams, discussing people power, David Bowie and celebrating his leap year birthday.

Saul Williams is the kind of guy you can listen to talk all day long. More than just his deep, soulful Newburgh accent, it’s the eloquent way he can seemingly tackle any topic. Which is good, because our late night meeting with the musician/poet/author/activist covered some broad ground.

He met with Loud And Quiet’s Greg Cochrane above a coffee shop in London in February. Their chat covered areas like the time Saul spent living with a Japanese family in Brazil, what it’s like to visit a country in the middle of a social uprising, his love of David Bowie, the lens through which he views the world and how he celebrates his leap year birthday (29 February). He also offers his thoughts on the current state of hip hop.

Midnight Chats is a recently launched podcast series from us here at Loud And Quiet, inspired by the idea that the most interesting, honest and revealing conversations often take place late at night. This first series will feature six episodes, each focusing on a chat we’ve had with an artist, producer or person of interest from around the world of music. It’s all explained in the first edition which you can still hear. Listen back to our conversations with The Invisible’s Dave Okumu and Polica’s frontwoman Channy Leaneagh.

This is Midnight Chats episode #3.