Stella Donnelly: Midnight Chats – Episode 66

Back on "the most depressing day of the year" the Australian artist cheered us all up

Since we got organised and started releasing Midnight Chats in series batches we’ve approached each fresh season with a list – the artists we want to get on the podcast. Stella Donnelly’s been on that crumpled bit of paper for a while, ever since we featured her in 2017 when she came to London from Australia to play her first headline show.

In January we got the chance, recording this conversation on “Blue Monday” no less. And in between discussing our unfashionable love of squash (the sport, not the drink or the vegetable), we made this podcast. It features a brief and awful attempt at a welsh accent from me (she partly grew up in Swansea), but mostly includes great stories from Stella about Stereophonics, hypnotherapy and her dad’s affectionate habit for writing songs for people for their birthdays. Mwynhewch!

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