Daniel Blumberg




The word ‘inspiration’ gets bandied around a lot in music. Most of the time, you can find it thrown about almost casually, lazily cataloguing the various references and touch points that help an audience connect to an artist. But, once every so often, a work comes along that does the word justice – something that channels raw emotion and says something profound about the human condition.

It’s not putting it lightly that Daniel Blumberg‘s latest album, GUT, is one such work. Inspired by the intestinal disease that has plagued him in recent years, this is much more than a mere reflection of physical health, the six interconnected songs are an exploration of the relationship between the body and soul via thoughtful and heart-wrenching balladry that captures the essence of pain, frustration and fatigue.

It’s an unflinchingly personal exploration of the physical and emotional turmoil that he has endured in recent years. Recorded in one continuous take, with minimal overdubs and manipulation, the more freeform compositions and improvised nature of songs act to intensify the hurt, almost wail-like vocals and result in an experience that is remarkably candid about the turmoil it represents.

Perhaps GUT’s greatest achievement, though, is that it captures a moment of true humanity, mapping both the beauty and anguish of life, even at the most difficult moments. It’s a record that invites you to explore the depths of emotion while asking the question of whether the things that don’t kill us truly do make us stronger.