For a band that once saw their founding member forced to leave the UK due to visa issues, the London via Bahraini outfit Flamingods are sure taking this Brexit malarkey pretty well. But then again, even when Kamal Rasool packed up his things and left for Dubai back in 2014 he and his segregated bandmates still found a way to record and release their second album Hyperborea – an astonishing feat of logistics considering I can’t even work out when to take the bins out on time.

Their name-making third album. Majesty, followed two years later, and despite harbouring a small but dedicated cult fanbase, Flamingods have maintained their image as somewhat a musical outsider. But that’s not to say their music isn’t inclusive: mixing retrospective tones of Middle Eastern funk and psychedelia, they consistently sound like a party in the desert where everyone’s invited. This unification of positivity and sun-soaked imagery translates to Levitation, where, even after three years of Brexit chaos, Flamingods still want to give us something to smile about.

You know they’re smiling too because during lead single ‘Marigold’, Rasool sings, “I feel alive/ the sun’s light is shining down on me”. Pretty much all of Levitation mirrors his delirious echoes of an idealistic summer, each track cavorting back and forth between tireless grooves and ringing spiritual transcendence. They’re having fun and Levitation reminds us why it still remains important to do so, even despite that niggling feeling that the world as we know it may be crumbling around us.