(Planet Mu)


Jlin, an artist of massive ambition and passion, has blessed us again – this time with Perspective, a six-track enigma. Known for breaking genre boundaries with her risk-taking compositions, she has garnered a highly respected and renowned name for herself – culminating in a Pulitzer nomination this year – creating music aiming for a futuristic utopian world.

Influenced by percussive, post-footwork guided with a dash of IDM and EDM, Jlin has a real deep talent for making sonic puzzles. The record kicks off with ‘Paradigm’, a track that dives into an intelligent world of progressive yet provocative rhythm, slowly breaking down the beat but keeping the momentum we need for the next track ‘Obscure’ which speaks for itself being a glitched out footwork and dance floor workout.

‘Fourth Perspective’ starts off with an eerie progressive melody, followed by deep dubby drums that add a pure emotional groove that flows through you, one of those head down, hood up on the dancefloor kind of scenes. ‘Derivative’ builds on minimal trap breaks and repetitive, fluid beats, adding a robotic bite to original footwork rhythms. ‘Dissonance combines tribal percussion and soft sub-bass obscured by ringing bells, building a sensual tempo; it’s short but sweet and followed by ‘Duality’, a real ethereal finish to an endearing and eclectic story.