Siteclubbing: October’s best underground electronic music, with guest selector Mr Mitch

Connecting the best in URL and IRL club music, this month with veteran boundary-pusher Mr Mitch

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Welcome back to Siteclubbing, our monthly round-up of the most exciting new music from the electronic underground. This month features guest picks from DJ and producer Mr Mitch, who has been at the forefront of UK electronic music over the past decade with both his own productions and his renowned labels (and club nights) Boxed and Gobstopper

Our selections

Batu – Inner Space (Timedance)

The Timedance chief returns in fine style on his forthcoming EP; its anxiety-inducing lead single ‘Inner Space’ centres on a loping, lurching beat that barrels forward tearing everything and anything along with it. The label’s continued convergence of experimental sonic design and combative dancefloor delivery seems boundless.   

Black Zone Myth Chant – Dr2fre (Vastechoses)

A phenomenally tough mutant dembow excursion from Black Zone Myth Chant, the highlight of an all-together superbly curated compilation from label Vastechoses. This whole release deserves your attention.

Aya – dis yacky (Hyperdub)

A flickering and fragmented bass tangent from Aya’s debut on Hyperdub, a welcome reminder of both her, and the labels, roots in soundsystem wiggyness. Read my review of the full record here (spoiler: it’s very good).

Nihiloxica – Black Kaveera (pq & Ekhe’s Recycle) (Crammed Discs)

Nihiloxica have invited a stacked cast of producers for this companion remix EP to last year’s debut, including the likes of Metrist, BFTT and Giant Swan. The highlight is pq & Ekhe’s angular reconfiguration of ‘Black Kaveera’, a frenetic barrage of turbo-speed drums that builds toward a Rustie-style crystalline peak. 

Jlin – Embryo (Planet Mu)

Jlin, one of the most innovative producers of the past decade makes a welcome return to Planet Mu. The usual, scatter-brained percussive approach is in full effect, all nonsensical rhythmic jump cuts and rattling hats, tuned 808 kicks and a dizzying mosquito melody line. It’s impressive to consistently make this level of stone cold disarray feel so considered and, crucially, so mesmerising.

Paradox – Soviet (Paradox Music)

The drumfunk pioneer takes no prisoners on his latest 12”. A-side ‘Soviet’ is all nosebleed, staccato breaks and Richter scale-worrying bass swells. Uncomplicated and undeniable, certainly his strongest release in recent memory, and a reminder that not many do it better. 

Grove – Skin2Skin (Bokeh Versions/Spinny Nights)

The lead vocal cut from Grove’s forthcoming release SPICE, that balances a sense of darkness, fun, and dirtiness that only dancehall can truly deliver. A hopeful sign that a new era of UK vocalists are embracing the current surge of international soundsystem experimentation.

Ye Ye – Str8 Boolin’ (self-released)

A golden nugget loosie finally escapes the vault to see the light of day – playfully lithe, but with both feet firmly in the dance, this is a track that deserves to crop up in all manner of sets in the coming months.

Mr Mitch’s selections

Space Ghost – Emotional Healer (Back Room Mix) (Tartelet Records)

Mr Mitch: “It’s impossible to listen to this album without a big smile on your face, but this track stands out in particular.”

Dismantle x Van Basten – Smack The Door (More Time Records)

MM: “This one smacks.”

SectorSept – Digital Franchise (Gobstopper Records)

MM: “This one’s a plug but I wouldn’t have signed it if I didn’t think it was incredible.” 

Mixes of the month

Fact Mix 831: Clemency

An ever-mutating mix from Mutualism’s Clemency, blending seamlessly from moody chuggers to frenzied half-time via all manner of unexpected genre-orienteering.

Mantra Live From DJ Mag HQ

Rupture co-founder Mantra reminds everyone why the crew remains one of the most trustworthy names in drum and bass with a flawless mix for DJ Mag

Photography by Lauren MB