Denzel Curry is on the cover of Loud And Quiet 151

The first 2022 edition of Loud And Quiet is here


We’ve made another issue of Loud And Quiet. Yep. Issue 151 is out this weekend (Feb 12), with the one and only Denzel Curry on the cover.

Even though he’s absolutely massive by this point, it still sort of feels like Curry is underrated. He’s been making some of the most exciting experimental hip hop around for the best part of a decade now, and although he’s been close to many of the U.S. scene’s biggest names, he’s always been fiercely independent. This determination to follow his own path has led him to make his most personal, inventive record yet, the forthcoming Melt My Eyez, See Your Future. Max Pilley has done a great job of telling his story so far, and teasing out just what makes this new album so special, for our new cover feature.

Also in Issue 151:

Master storyteller Cat Power in conversation (her Karl Lagerfeld anecdotes alone are worth the price of the magazine); Let’s Eat Grandma champion artists, both old and new, who they believe deserve more credit than they get; Alex Cameron shows us around his place in Brooklyn; Sasami tells us about the blend of Japanese folklore and turn-of-the-millennium nu metal that characterises her amazing new record; Andrew Anderson explores the strange, stupid world of NFTs from the perspective of a music fan; we dig into the hidden history of the turbulent UK psych scene that laid the foundations for both shoegaze and acid house; profiles and interviews with some of our favourite rising artists like Grove, Raveena, CMAT, :3LON, Benefits and Powerplant; and Destroyer‘s Dan Bejar looks back on his time as an awkward teenager for our regular Sweet 16 feature.

There’s also the usual plethora of music news, reviews, columns and more.

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