Get an exclusive flexi disc with your copy of Loud And Quiet this month

Here's how to get this special recording from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, with a few words from the band on why it sounds like a bonus track from Holst's The Planets

We have something extra special for our subscribers this month, who’ll receive an exclusive, limited edition flexi disc of a new Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs track with their copy of issue 157 (in stores January 21).

This is something we’ve been planning for the last few months, and are very excited about. What if, we thought, we could give our supporters a piece of exclusive physical music along with their copy of the magazine, from one of the artists featured in that issue?

It’s been made possible this month thanks to the Newcastle metal band giving us a live session recording of new track ‘Terror’s Pillow’. A studio version of the song will appear on their forthcoming forth album, Land of Sleeper, but the only way to get this version of the currently unreleased track is by either being a full subscriber already or by taking out a full subscription now, while stocks last. (We’ve made enough flex discs to cover 100 new sign ups.)

Hopefully we’ll have another limited edition disc for you with your next issue too.

Sign up to get yours. And in the meantime, here are a few words from Pigs guitarist and producer Sam Grant about this version of ‘Terror’s Pillow’.

Terror’s Pillow, Live at Blank Studios

“I was really excited about this waltzy, almost classical feel it had going on, and was constantly trying to push that element more in the writing and production, hopefully giving it a less conventional rock/metal vibe. I like to think it has the air of an unreleased bonus track from Holst’s The Planets – though this is more an homage to the massive asteroid currently winging its way to Earth. Doing it as a live session also gave us the opportunity to really pull the tempo on it as well, giving it an alternative mood to the album version. The nature of the track really suits both approaches, but for differing reasons. This live version, in being slower, gets to be something a little more weighty and crushing – a bit more menacing. So I’m really pleased this one gets to exist too.”