Jockstrap are on the cover of Loud And Quiet 154 – order a copy now

With Hudson Mohawke, Julia Jacklin, The Comet Is Coming, Alex G, Khruangbin and more

Issue 154 of Loud And Quiet is currently being printed and will be in stores from August 13. You can order a copy now.

On the cover we have a duo that we’ve wanted to write a bigger feature on since we first met them in 2018. Since then, Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye have been making pop music together that sounds like no one else under the name Jockstrap. Their debut album, I Love You Jennifer B, is coming in September, so the time felt right for Katie Beswick to go to breakfast with them and hear about their singular sound and how they got here.

Also in issue 154: Hudson Mohawke in conversation about his first solo album since 2015, Julia Jacklin discusses giving up music for a year in order to create third record PRE PLEASURE, The Comet Is Coming reflect on nearly a decade together while talking about their new record (also due next month), and Alex G discusses new album God Save The Animals.

New artists we loved so much we spoke to them include Sofie Royer, Blood, DoomCannon, High Vis, Coby Sey, Ravyn Lenae and Khruangbin. Ok, a couple of those are less “new”, but they’re all making great work and hopefully you’ll discover something new than you love in picking up a copy.

We also have a scene report from Nigeria’s underground, diving into the world of CRUISE!. There’s our Cold Take on that moment a bunch of celebrities thought we needed to hear them sing ‘Imagine’ out of key and out of time. And ahead of End of the Road next month we’ve made a field guide of sights and scenes you shouldn’t miss.

Plus the month’s most interesting albums reviewed, lives shows, books and film.

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