Kali Uchis is on the cover of Loud And Quiet 87 – out this weekend

You should definitely pick up a copy – for Yaeji, Snapped Ankles, Philipp Gorbachev, Eyedress and Goldie, too

Earlier this month Goldie revealed who Banksy was. Kinda. But not really. He casually referred to him as ‘Rob’ on Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces podcast, which did nothing to quell the rumour that Banksy is Massive Attack’s 3D (Robert Del Naja), a guy who you’d presume Goldie knows pretty well.

Goldie doesn’t give up Banksy in our own interview with him this month’s issue (Loud And Quiet 87 is in stores July 1st), although at various salacious points he does say that there’s no God, “thank fuck for yoga” (he likes yoga a lot) and that Jeremy Corbyn is “a good lad, not like Ed Balls.”

Kalis Uchis doesn’t hold her tongue either, although her delivery is more in line with her polarised personality – a shy/tough 22-year-old from Colombia who, inspired by fellow straight-talking female singers like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, finds herself in LA’s young hip-hop scene, questioning just how big she wants to become. She’s well aware how ridiculous fame is – the thing is, she’s already very good at it.

South Korean-American house musician and visual artist Yaeji welcomed us into her Brooklyn studio; underground Moscow DJ and producer Philipp Gorbachev discusses forming a live band and the raids on his parties that have led to him living in Berlin; Snapped Ankles explain how they’ve made logs into synthesiser; and finally – finally – we pinned down Manilla’s Eyedress, “your indie Kanye.”

We’ve also got a special Loud And Quiet Guide to End of The Road, which features, among other things, a guest Agony Uncle column from Alex Cameron, putting to rest all your festival fears.

Pick up a copy from Saturday. Pre-order for home delivery here.

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