Mac Demarco’s biggest disappointment is his penis

Naturally, Demarco's answers to our GTKY questionnaire are pretty stupid

Once known as Makeout Videotape, before accidentally impersonating Chris Issacs on his 2012 debut album ‘Rock and Roll Night Club’, Canadian goof Mac DeMarco answers our Getting To Know You questionnaire in an attempt to prove that recording artists are people too.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

“Remember, the donkey’s balls are always reddest right before the sunrise.”

Your favourite word


Your pet hate

“My girlfriend, Kiera”

If you could only eat one food forever it would be…

“Philly cheese steak”

The worst job you’ve had

“Road construction”

The film you can quote the most of

“Austin Powers”

Your favourite place in the world


Your style icon

“Christian Bale in The Fighter

The one song you wished you’d written

“The jingle from the original ‘My Buddy’ commercial”

The most famous person you’ve met

“Lindsay Lohan”

The thing you’d rescue from a burning building

“My dentures”

The worst date you’ve been on

“I went on a date with Jennifer Lawrence last time I was in LA, she wouldn’t put out.

Your guilty pleasure

“Pissing in the bath”

The worst birthday or Christmas present you’ve received

“My girlfriend passed away on my birthday last year”

The characteristic you most like about yourself

“Extremely small, almost inverted vagina-esque penis”

You worst injury

“Busted half my front tooth off”

Your hidden talent

“Sword swallowing”

What do you think of E cigarettes?

“Fuck that shit”

Your favourite item of clothing

“Wrangler jeans”

Your biggest disappointment

“My penis”

The celebrity that pisses you off most even though you’ve never met them

“Tim Allen”

Your biggest fear

“Large scale bukkake”

The best book in the world

“The Bible †”

The thing you’d most like to change about your physical appearance

“I’d have a huge cock”

What is success to you?

“No Job”

What talent do you wish you had?

“Sword swallowing”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 15-year-old self?

“Dude, Kiera’s boobs are THAT chill!”

How do you want to die?


Your best piece of advice for others

“Love your mom”