Our Midnight Chats podcast will return for Series 10 next week

Like before, but different

Over the past month or two we’ve been recording the next series of our podcast, Midnight Chats. You can find it on whatever podcast platform you use, including Spotify.

Series 10 will begin next Wednesday (September 23rd) at midnight, of course, and run for the following 10 weeks. Subscribe now to receive all future episodes, which will definitely include informal waffle with IDLES, Phoebe Bridgers, Matt Berninger from The National, Femi Koleoso from Ezra Collective, Biig Piig and Tim Burgess.

We’ll have the others ready to go as each episode drops into your phone every Wednesday morning.

And if you’ve always thought, I like Midnight Chats but there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to help support it, there now is. You can chuck us a few quid to help us create more episodes here. Your donation will go towards our studio time, editing and buying new mics the next time our office is broken into, which experts say is due any day now.

This information is also below in audio form.