Vinyl shopping with Bobby Gillespie – Bands Buy Records episode 02

Watch Bobby Gillespie give us a schooling in '60s psych records

In case it was ever in doubt just how much Bobby Gillespie really does know about rare psychedelic pop and garage rock from the 1960, here he is in Sounds That Swing – his favourite record store, based on Parkway, Camden.

We spent an hour with Bobby for our new Bands Buy Records video series, where we give musicians we like £25 to spend on records they like, and then explain themselves.

A reminder of the boring rules:

  1. Bands are asked to spend the whole £25 (not a fiver of it and run off with the rest)
  2. It’s not really on to spend the whole budget on one record. That’s not really getting into the spirit of the game, is it?

Here we go…