Series 1 of our Sweet 16 podcast is available now for EVERYONE – series 2 coming soon

A gift from the podcast overlords, previously reserved for our L&Q members

Our regular Sweet 16 column has been a bit of a favourite for us for a long time, so turning it into a podcast has been a real pleasure. The first series, featuring Shirley Collins, Waxahatchee, Kelly Lee Owens and more, was initially reserved exclusively for members of Loud And Quiet, but now we’re making it available to everyone. We think some of the stories in there are too special not to share.

To listen to the series, all you need to do is sign up here – just pop your email address in the box, and you’ll have access to every episode we’ve made so far, in your browser or via your preferred podcast app.

Series two is coming soon, exclusively for Loud And Quiet members. If you really like series 1 and fancy joining to access future episodes, you also get lots of other stuff too: six magazines a year, discounts on vinyl as part of our monthly Drift Record Shop album club, plus more exclusive playlists, merchandise, and our eternal gratitude. It comes in at less than £1 per week for the lot – become a member here.

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